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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to have your order number and zip code, then visit this link to begin the return process:
Make sure to have your order number and zip code, then visit this link to begin the exchange process:
Don’t worry! If you placed an order and wanted to use a valid, unexpired coupon code, we’d be happy to fix it. Just send us an email at with your order number plus the coupon code you’d like to use, and we will apply the applicable discount right away.
The shoes are designed to have medium/neutral arch support. However, if you prefer more/less support, an orthotic, or a different insole, the insoles are fully removable.
Yes, for our slip-ons, lace-ups, and flats, the insoles are fully removable! You can replace them with your own preferred insole, orthotic, etc. If your Merinos insoles become overly worn or damaged, you can replace them with a new pair of Merinos insoles, which are sold on our site. For mules, those have a specially crafted memory foam midsole that cannot be removed.
If the shoes do not work out, we offer flat rate $7.50 return shipping for refunds, and free shipping and on exchanges for all unworn Merinos products purchased through within 30 days of the original order. If you are unsure the shoes will work out, please wear them around the house for a few days or week while you decide.
Our outsoles are EVA foam rubber, so they are super light and have a moderate tread. They aren't designed to be truly slip resistant, but they do have some tread so they may work depending on your working environment.
Our shoes are made in Vietnam out of premium Australian merino wool. We are an American company based in San Diego, CA, and all orders are shipped via FedEx from our warehouse in Los Angeles.
We fulfill and ship your order via FedEx from Los Angeles, California.
Merino wool is an exceptional fabric and different from traditional wool in many ways. It is naturally moisture-wicking and temperature regulating, so your feet won’t get too warm or hot. We also use a very specific merino wool blend that is soft and breathable, so no itching or scratching like normal wool!
We use either USPS or FedEx SmartPost for all of our returns and exchanges, so you may drop off your return at any location that accepts USPS shipments.
While some may have success with this, we do not officially recommend applying any waterproofing treatments to the shoes.  Spraying them may damage the shoes or diminish the natural benefits and qualities of the shoes. 
Yes, Merinos are fully washable! We recommend a standard cold/cold cycle in a washing machine. Please note (very important!) that the shoes should NOT be put in the dryer or subjected to other forms of high heat. This will completely ruin the shoes by causing the outsoles to warp. Also make sure to remove the insoles before washing and let the shoes and insoles air dry separately. For full care instructions, please visit our shoe care page:
No! We care deeply about the well-being of merino sheep and only purchase wool from certified cruelty-free suppliers. Shearing is a regular part of grooming for sheep and doesn’t involve harming or killing any animals in the process. Additionally, this means that the inhumane process of mulesing is not used at any point by our suppliers and we verify this regularly.
We are currently an online-only business, which means you can visit us anytime at our online store! We also sell on and
Probably not, unfortunately. If you have a severe wool allergy, we cannot recommend that you try our product. Merino wool is exceptionally soft and does not cause irritation like normal wool does, however if it is a chemical allergy to wool then you may still have a negative reaction.
We have a 5mm drop on our women’s shoes and a 6.5mm drop on our men’s shoes. Our outsoles are cushiony and have some give to them when walking.
We do not have a narrow version currently; however, many of our narrow-footed customers love our shoes! I suggest trying the lace-ups so you can tighten or loosen the shoes if need be.
Yes, we have wide sizes in most of our styles and colors! This is indicated by a “W” after the size. We do hope to offer wide sizes in all colors and styles someday, if there is a particular one that you would like to request, please let us know at!